X-Ray Radiopaque Ruler Markers - 1 115cm Thick Fashionable 8" $175 X-Ray Radiopaque Ruler Markers - 115cm, 1/8" Thick Industrial Scientific Professional Medical Supplies X-Ray Radiopaque Ruler Markers - 1 115cm Thick Fashionable 8" Markers,-,www.larsongrouprealestate.com,$175,/Atlantean5208903.html,X-Ray,Industrial Scientific , Professional Medical Supplies,115cm,,Thick,1/8",Ruler,Radiopaque $175 X-Ray Radiopaque Ruler Markers - 115cm, 1/8" Thick Industrial Scientific Professional Medical Supplies Markers,-,www.larsongrouprealestate.com,$175,/Atlantean5208903.html,X-Ray,Industrial Scientific , Professional Medical Supplies,115cm,,Thick,1/8",Ruler,Radiopaque

X-Ray Radiopaque Ruler Markers Recommended - 1 115cm Thick Fashionable 8

X-Ray Radiopaque Ruler Markers - 115cm, 1/8" Thick


X-Ray Radiopaque Ruler Markers - 115cm, 1/8" Thick

Product description

Radiopaque Extremity Ruler X-Ray Markers are designed to measure extremities in X-Ray scans to provide scale so you can make accurate comparisons between life-size (what you see) and image-size (what you get). This radiopaque extremity ruler is manufactured from a high performance, chemical-resistant plastic which can be sterilized using ethylene oxide or alcohol. Unlike acrylic rulers, this ruler is very flexible and virtually unbreakable. These scales are used whenever measurements or locations in the image field are required. 1 cm. and 0.5 cm. graduations are engraved at least 0.03" deep and filled with a special, flexible radiopaque material to give distinct and permanent readings on the radiograph. 115 cm. lengths are available in two thicknesses (1/16" and 1/8"), and we also manufacture 45 cm. flexible scales (1/16" thick). Various sizes and thicknesses. SFL062-25 - 25cm: 1" wide x 12" long x 1/16" thick SFL062-45 - 45cm: 2" wide x 22" long x 1/16" thick SFL145-25 - 45cm: 2" wide x 22" long x 1/8" thick SFL062 - 115cm: 2" wide x 48" long x 1/16" thick SFL125 - 115cm: 2" wide x 48" long x 1/8" thick Brilliant Yellow Color Ruler is spaced in 0.5cm increments X-Ray Markers are made to order and are non-returnable. All genuine All-Craft Wellman X-Ray Markers are guaranteed for one year from the initial date of purchase for defects in material and workmanship. Proudly made in the USA and sold by a Veteran Owned Small business.

X-Ray Radiopaque Ruler Markers - 115cm, 1/8" Thick

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