Buyer’s Guide

Every home is different.

No two homes are the same.

They all have their own story.

Your next home is waiting for you to create your own stories. Maybe it’ll be the house you’re your kids grow up in. Or maybe it’ll be your getaway place Up North on a beautiful lake where your family and friends will catch the big one, get up on water skis or gab the night away around a campfire.

Nobody understands that better than we do. And you’ll notice it the first time we meet.

To us, we see finding you your ideal home or cabin is more than just a transaction. It’s a transition. A time when finding your new home will mean launching great stories and wonderful memories that you’ll cherish forever. When you partner with us, we’re confident you’ll feel comfortable you’re working with a team that really cares about creating a joyful experience for you that’s sure to exceed your expectations. End of story.

“We’ve known Bruce for a long time so working with Larson Group was a natural. With all their knowledge and experience in the Crosslake area, we really trusted them and felt so comfortable with their entire team.”

-Justin & Missy Norring

Nobody knows the territory better…welcome to our neck of the woods.

It’s no secret that the best way to find out about someone you’ll want to partner with is by hearing from clients they’ve helped in the past. Bring it on. You’ll find our clients have great stories to tell about our group on how we found them their home.
We welcome the chance to guide you through the entire buying process, from viewing homes and financing, to making sure the final contract is in your best interests.

Here’s what you can expect from Larson Group:

  • Our Personal Service Our group’s number one goal is to educate you on the current market. We have the reputation of providing strong, positive, aggressive representation and we provide outstanding personal service to each and every client.
  • The Group Concept You have an agent that is working just for you, but is also part of a large group that is knowledgeable and active in the market so that you have access to the entire team with lakes knowledge and experience.
  • Expert Negotiating Skills In today’s market, this is one of the most important values we can provide to you as a client. We know the area, the markets and have the experience and information to negotiate from a position of strength during your transaction.
  • Years of Lakes Area Experience Our owners, Bruce Larson and Rob Birkeland, and our agents, Mary Nolan, Mike O’Connell, Matt Stephens and Maddie Smith, all grew up in the area and know the turf well. In fact Larson Group agents have over 100 years of combined real estate experience. Bruce has been in the business up here since 1978 and was the founding partner in Shores & More Realty, Inc. in 1984. We have long standing relationships with lenders, service providers and local businesses.
  • Our partnership with Keller Williams Realty gives you a great buying advantage Keller Williams is the largest real estate franchise by agent count in the world. In addition, Keller Williams is now the fastest growing real estate franchise in Minneapolis and this can provide more prospective buyers and sellers to the Brainerd Lakes Area and the surrounding community for Larson Group. Working with such a progressive firm like Keller Williams gives us a great advantage to help our clients be even more successful.

“The place Larson Group helped us buy is perfect—we had our daughter’s beautiful wedding on our front yard and our family loves all the lake life and everything Crosslake has to offer.”

– Rick & Kari Hegge

Steps to buying a home.

Step # 2 – Showing Process

Step # 3 – The Contract: Negotiations: Yes – proceed to Step # 4. No – return to Step # 1

Step # 4 – The Inspections

Step # 5 – Loan Interview

Step # 6 – “Waiting” Period – time for mortgage company processing and title company processing. Mortgage Company: Credit Report, Appraisal, Verifications, Underwriting, Approval. Title Company: Title Search, Assemble Papers, Settlement Date

Step # 7 – Settlement – You are a Home Owner!

Buyers can search with fewer clicks.

There’s a distinct difference between our website and other sites among Real Estate firms in the lakes area. We’ve worked hard with you in mind to make our website simple, easy and intuitive to quickly find what you’re looking for.

The lake and shoreline are a critical part of lakeshore properties.

Wouldn’t it be ideal to see the topography map of the lake you’re looking at? Wouldn’t it be important to see real photography of the lake instead of computer generated illustrations of maps?

With LarsoNet, you’ll be able to identify lake water depths, sand bars, wetlands and more. After all, lake shore and the lake itself is just as important as the lot or home you’re interested in. To us, it’s the total package.

And when you work with the Larson Group, you’re working with agents who have an abundance of personal knowledge and experiences in the area and know all the ins and outs of the lakes and communities.

“The Sibley Lake house Larson Group found for us is one that we can make our own…but what’s great too is the terrific school district our three kids are in at Pequot.”

-The Johnson Family
Kent, Pam, Alex, Alice & Arik

Five great reasons to be pre-qualified by a lender.

  1. You spend your time wisely looking at homes that you can afford.
  2. You’ll know in advance what your payments will be.
  3. You can select the best loan package without being under any
  4. The market in our area moves quickly. You may have a competitive advantage if you have your financing secured in advance.
  5. Peace of mind. You have the pleasure of pursuing your dream without worrying about financing your new home.

Glossary of terms and documents.

Discount Points

Charges made by lenders to adjust the effective rate of interest on a loan.Each discount point equals one percent of the loan amount.
Earnest Money Deposit

The money that accompanies an offer to purchase, as evidence of good faith. You write a check to the listing agent’s trust account at the time of the offer.

It’s no mystery our business thrives from referrals. How many of our fans would you like to talk to?

When it comes right down to it, it’s all about your confidence in us to help you find a great place or sell the one you have. Since 1984, we’ve been helping clients in the lakes area make a move that makes them happy. We know we can do the same for you.

You’re invited to stop by our office, visit our web site or give us a call.
A big part of our client’s success comes from Larson Group’s commitment to give back to the Crosslake community.

Our team lives, volunteers and participates in many local activities and causes including volunteer firemen, youth sports coaches and leading committees that promote the Brainerd Lakes area.
We’re located in Crosslake’s Town Square
35770 Allen Avenue, Suite Two
PO Box 929
Crosslake, Minnesota 56442